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American Sign Language Pro

The mission of this site is to serve the needs of the ASL Educational Community. ASL Pro is a free, easy-to-use reference and learning tool that uses the internet to teach sign language vocabulary words and phrases. ASL Pro even offers interactive multiple choice quizzes designed to help users evaluate their sign language skills. 

Helping Students with Visual Impairments


The guide was created in part by four experts in the field, who lent their experience and expertise to help us provide students with visual impairments the tips and resources needed to succeed in school. Key features of our guide include:

 - Tips for choosing the right college
 - An in-depth look at the top assistive technology and tools being used today
 - Scholarships available for students with visual impairments

Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission

The Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission, as an executive agency of the state, shall advance the interests of all Illinois citizens with a hearing loss by advocating for systemic improvements, promoting cooperation and coordination among entities serving people who are deaf and hard of hearing, and disseminating information to eliminate negative stereotypes surrounding hearing loss.

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Our Mission

"The Voice: advocating equal opportunities for all people with disabilities."

Our Vision

"Equality through change at the local, state and federal levels"

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