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Published: & 2015-09-10

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   September 2015              

ADA Legacy Tour Celebration Comes to Illinois

Disability Rights Are Civil Rights
ADA Legacy Tour @ The Old State Capitol

The ADA Legacy Tour is a traveling exhibit designed to raise public awareness and generate excitement about ADA25 and is produced by the ADA Legacy Project, Disability Rights Center, ADA National Network and the Museum of disability History.  This tour was launched at the Abilities Expo Houston on July 25 – 27, 2014.  The plan was to travel the United States for exactly one year to wind up in Washington D.C. on July 26, 2015, exactly 25 years after President George H.W. Bush signed the ADA into law.
Tom Olin's Photographs on Display with The ADA Legacy Tour Along with an ever-evolving cast of co-pilots, Tom Olin stayed with the bus to lead the tour.  For those who are not familiar with Tom Olin, he is recognized as the premier social documentarian of the disability rights movement.  Through photography, he has been able to record the movement for close to 30 years.  Luckily for spectators, many of Olin’s iconic photographs were making the journey with him, being displayed and telling different pieces of the story at their stops. 
They are not afraid to take some detours along the way, either!   The Legacy Tour’s website quotes Olin as saying, “At one point, the bus was in Iowa, approaching Des Moines. The U.S. Senate was in recess.  We contacted Senator Tom Harkin's Office.” Olin reached out to the Statewide Independent Living Council. Within 24 hours, they put together an event with Senator Harkin at the minor league ballpark in Des Moines. "It's kind of fun to set up stuff in less than 24 or 48 hours," Olin said.
While we are not talking about quite that short of a notice, CCDI’s own Board Chair, Mike “Spud” Egbert and everyone at Opportunities for Access Center for Independent Living (OFACIL) planned quickly and got in on the excitement with an added stop in Mount Vernon, Illinois on Monday, June 15.  Their celebration was complete with food for everyone in attendance, some elected officials along with some media presence.  Check out one of the articles by clicking here.
Wasting no time, it was o
n up to Springfield on Tuesday, June 16.  The Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living (INCIL) sponsored the event. Supporting partners in planning the event were CCDI, The Springfield Center for independent Living (SCIL), Illinois Assistive Technologies Program (IATP), Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) and Myers Commercial Real Estate. We were excited to have the festivities right next door in the Old State Capitol Plaza.
The Springfielld Stop's Planning Committee with the traveling Crew

Progress Center for Independent Living was their next host in Forest Park the following day with a celebration in the park, then what Illinois tour would be complete without passing through Chicago.  Speaking of Chicago and Tom Olin, northern residents and visitors who missed out or want more are in luck.  Access Living has loaned 19 framed Tom Olin prints from their permanent collection for placement on display at The Chicago History Museum.  The exhibit is scheduled through April 10, 2016.

2015 ADA Celebrations and Celebrities

CCDI Advocate, Edward Bannister, was featured in the Daily Herald on July 24, 2015, for his many contributions and advocacy efforts for disability rights in Illinois.  Click here to see video and read article.

On July 14th 2015, CCDI Allies in Bolingbrook awarded Mr. Timothy Bowie of Bolingbrook, the "Distinguished Disability Advocate Award" for his tireless work in the Bolingbrook community.  Mr. Bowie also devotes much of his time to the New Hope Baptist Church, also in Bolingbrook.  Pictured left to right are Mr. Timothy Bowie, Bolingbrook Mayor Mr. Roger Claar, Mr. Edward Bannister (former president of CCDI) and Mr. Bob O'Keefe (current board member of CCDI). Tim Bowie Receives an Award from CCDI's Bolingbrook Chapter

If you are an Advocate or Ally of CCDI and would like to include your ADA celebration, event or recognition in a future Catalyst, simply email with the details. It’s inspiring to see what others are doing and accomplishing in Illinois, so we are inviting you to brag a little!

The Perks of Being a CCDI Ally
CCDI has been advocating for the rights of people with disabilities since 1985. Many of your organizations have been CCDI members and fellow advocates.  In our desire to unite, grow and include as many service providers and disability rights advocates as possible we have changed our membership format to invite you to join as a CCDI Advocate (individual) or Ally (organization) FREE of charge! We understand that with greater numbers our voice has more power.
The turbulent times we are facing increases the need to join together. CCDI invites you to join us today!  It is as easy as going to our newly renovated site and clicking on the Join Us banner, or you could click right here.
We want to keep your group up to speed with legislation that hits home as soon as it happens.  Beyond this, as we work in the same direction we can use our platform to amplify your messages and help with the shared or individual initiatives that you see as disability related priorities. 
Allies of CCDI benefit from our ability to quickly disperse information to their larger target audience through several different communicational channels including social media, our ever-increasing mailing list and the online events calendar just to name a few.
Please click on the links above, or give us a call toll free at 1.800.433.8848 (V/TTY) to add your organization as a CCDI Ally or yourself as an Advocate, if you have not already done so! 
Protecting the Determination of Needs (DON) Score
We are proud to report that the House approved an amendment on Wednesday, September 2nd that furthers the process of protecting the Determination of Need (DON) score from being raised.  If the Rauner administration’s efforts were successful in their attempts to raise the determination of needs score from 29 to 37, the effects would be detrimental.  Roughly 10,000 people with disabilities and 24,000 seniors who would lose all home services immediately.
An amendment to HB 2482 which will protect the DON Score from being raised passed the Senate last month with Senator Daniel Biss (D Evanston) as the main sponsor in that chamber.   We are proud to announce that it also passed last Wednesday in the Illinois House with State Representative Greg Harris (D Chicago) as the bill’s main sponsor there. 
The bill has finally made its way to Governor Rauner’s desk for consideration.  Take a minute to let the Governor know that these Illinoisans rely on the services they currently receive to maintain their independence and in a lot of cases just to get by.  Click here to take action. 

Calling the governor's offices is also encouraged.  The Springfield office's number is 217.782.0244.  Governor Rauner's Chicago office's number is 312.814.2121.  Both telephone lines are currently being answered.

Liheap Dates Released  

People with Disabilities:  Take Note of Early Application LIHEAP Date of October 1, 2015
1-      October 1, 2015- The heating season starts and the program is available to seniors and disabled who are connected or disconnected.
2-      November 1, 2015- The program is available to families with children under the age of 6 years and disconnected (non-priority)                households.
3-      December 1, 2015- All other low-income eligible households can apply at this time.
The program will continue until May 31, 2016, or until funding is exhausted.
In addition, the following program changes have been made:
1-      Reconnection Assistance- this program component will start November 1 and includes the following changes:
a.      The RA limit amount has been reduced to $750.
b.      Households who are disconnected and/or have an imminent threat of disconnection are eligible to apply.
c.      RA benefit must restore the energy service.  This is the biggest change.  This means that the DVP+RA benefits must equal to the              Reconnect Amount.  Otherwise, the benefits will be denied due to “Client Portion Required.”  These clients must be counseled to              pay their CPR to the utility and contact their LAA again.  Once the payment is made, the LAA will be able to re-process the                      benefit.
2-      Furnace Assistance- This program component begins October 1 and it will be available to the priority groups and dates listed above.  The program will continue until March 31, 2016 or until funding is exhausted.
***Keep an eye out for future CCDI News Blasts for more information as it is released.
ADA Approved Signs and Stickers
CCDI is your one stop spot for ADA approved indoor & outdoor signs & stickers.  All outdoor signs are made of reflective sheeting on aluminum.  The order form forms are available in printable versions for signs at this link & for $250 Accessible Parking Fine Sign Stickers” here.  These same forms are always available on our web site at in the resources section or click here.

Sticker orders should be mailed in with cash, check or money order to CCDI @ 3 West Old State Capitol Plaza, Suite 1, Springfield, Illinois 62701.  Sign order forms can be faxed to 217.522.7024 or emailed to  Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you ever have any questions as to if your facility is fully accessible, or if a product is ADA approved.  We would be more than happy to provide assistance.
 Liheap Energy Saver Icon
           It’s always the season to save energy (and money)!
Energy efficiency-creates three positive benefits at once for you and the planet;
· cuts your home utility bills so you have extra money to spend on other things
· increases your comfort
· reduces pollution
And, it’s easy.  When you choose energy-efficient technologies and products for your home, you can relax while they continue producing these benefits for you day after day, year after year. 
Maintain Your Heating and Cooling System
· Have your system check once a year by a professional service person.
· Change your furnace filter once every month or two during heating season. Follow manufacturer’s         recommendations on electronic filter maintenance.
· Keep your air conditioner filter and coils clean during the cooling season. Avoid toxic or caustic air       coil cleaning solutions intended for commercial buildings.
·  Clean radiators, ductwork, and vents.
· Keep furniture and other things away from forced air heating and AC registers and return grilles.
· Set heating thermostat to 65 degrees during the day, or even lower at night while you're sleeping.
Exception- most heat pumps should not be severely setback for heating since when set up again to
comfortable temperatures later, the direct electric strip heating elements can come on wasting power and actually increasing your bill. Caution: elderly persons should re-consider deep setbacks of thermostats for health reasons.
· Set air conditioner thermostat to 78 degrees. Use local circulating fans or ceiling fans to boost comfort.

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